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    Re: Dmm Servo Spindle Setup Mach 3

    Quote Originally Posted by usmarine21m View Post
    nope, just got confused.
    Just wanna know how to set the servo up with mach 3, ess, and the dmm breakout board. I'm using a 2:1 gear ratio running dyn4 drives at 240v, so i'll be getting 6000 rpm. I want to be able to run the servo with mach 3 using m3 s#### codes
    I was hoping for a really simple explanation of what I needed to do to get it working right.

    USMarine, I have a similar setup and will be doing the same thing soon. I did some research to ensure that I'll be able to rigid tap, and get the full value from the Servo spindle. The best method that I have found is not to use the typical SwapAxis method, but rather simply using BOTH the Spindle step/dir pins and the A-axis step/dir pins both set to the same output ports/pins in Mach3. The wiring will be just as you did XYZ with step/dir wires feeding from your BOB to the DMM driver's pins 11 & 22 (5V) and pins 10 and 23 (output pins from your BOB) . When you need to tap, you'll use A axis G-code.There is a video on Youtube demonstrating this method, and it appears to work well.


    There may be better methods, but this is the best I've stumbled across and what I plan to use once I have time to finish up the servo spindle motor mounts, etc. Chime back if you find a better method, many of us would appreciate the guidance.


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    Re: Dmm Servo Spindle Setup Mach 3

    Here's what I got so far for mounting servo Attachment 433040

    tried rotating pic but when I posted its sideways again
    Apologies for for any neck pain that may occur

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    Re: Dmm Servo Spindle Setup Mach 3

    So I plug in the cable from the dyn4 drive into A axis on the breakout board?
    From what I understand on page 9 http://www.dmm-tech.com/Files/DMB425...tVer010106.pdf
    A axis dir is pin 8 and A axis stp is pin 9?
    So I go to configure ports and pins in mach 3 and say spindle is those ports and pins and also A axis?
    Is there anything else I need to do to have mach 3 be able to start and run spindle with m3 s#### command?
    Have you figured out what needs to be done in the Dyn4 drive tuning software? The gear # and other settings?

    Thanks for your informative post

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