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    Need some guidance

    I have a Mitsubishi ML4020RX-F60 Fiber Laser Cutter and I have an issue that I cannot seem to figure out. To start with I am not really sure what the problem is but I have done everything I know to do to try and fix the issue, but no luck. This seems to really only be an issue when cutting stock 3/8" and thicker. The laser seems to cut just fine in 3 of the 4 directions but on one side the cut will be concave and will have slag stuck to the bottom of the sheet and part. I am attaching some photos of what I am seeing. I would really appreciate any help.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails pic 1.JPG   pic 2.JPG   pic 3.jpg   pic 4 (1).jpg   pic 5.jpg  

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    If you still haven't figured out what the problem is, I'd recommend that you contact customer support, if possible even send them an email with the photos and explain the situation.

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