As many people know Bobcad has not really focused on updating the wire post. However besides a few obvious errors there are just mostly machine tweaks needed. I am loading my post and advanced scripting for anyone to view or use.
Advanced scripting has been added to make up for known Bobcad errors as well as features needed in wire EDM work and Mitsubishi M series specific features.

Be sure all three files are included in the wire post directory.

The custom settings file is for the 'Current Settings' dialog:
This adds the ability to call up extended offsets due to a bug in Bobcad wire edm post. Wire cut at start, starter E-Pack output, Z zero position move, PM and E adjustments, and 2 rapid point moves that can be added at the end of the file.

The 2 axis custom settings file adds several outputs for each individual cut in each feature:
This includes 2 point to point moves with feedrate and cut wire ability after the cut for when Bobcad would not normally cut wire but you want it.