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    3D printing Solution for Automotive parts

    3D Galaxy Topic 6: About SLA ,SLS and Vacuum Casting
    In Vacuum casting technology, it has two special advantages
    Advantage 1 is no limit of material.
    Advantage 2 is suitable for small quantity formal order production.
    For this car auto parts, the quantity is 5pcs each model, 5models in all.5models weight is 3008g.
    If we adopt Vacumm casting, its total cost is USD6850
    It take about 20days to finish the order production.
    As to the SLS printing cost, if they need 5pcs each model, the SLS Printing cost is USD7575
    The SLS printing time is more than 20days.
    While in SLA 3D printing, due to the large printing size of SLA 3D printer, they donot need to slipt the design file.
    The SLA 3D VIP Printing price is just USD 2270.
    The SLA 3D printing time is just 3-7days for all these parts, including post processing!
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    From SLS 3D, via Silicone Vacuum Casting, to SLA 3D printing solution,
    All of the above mentioned techniques are covered in In the Cooperation between Galaxy 3D VIP Printing partner and Seetop 3D Factory,. Looking back the establiment of cooperation, it is started from a trial order of Auto motive parts by SLS in August 2019, the client is in USA.
    With the successful completion of a small batch order of automotive parts by SLA 3D printing and Slicione Vacuum casting, This 3D printing VIP parnter start to seize the market share of 3D printing in their country!
    One month later, he win several big automotive projects. Everday, This partner send us new design file, no matter it require SLA or SLS or Vacumm casting production technique, Once Galaxy 3D staff provide quotation according to Galaxy3D VIP printing charge list and confirm the production time, This Galaxy3D Printing partner may get approval from local clients within 10-15mins. And then we start to arrange the order production. SLA printing cost of each order can reduced from the prepaid deposit without need of payment one by one. 3D models delivery cost for each order can be treated as balance of each order and paid each month!
    Up to now,Galaxy3D factory has finished the production of 1/5 3d models in one of this VIP printing parters' large Automotive production project.

    Shall we has any doubt about the application of SLA 3D printing is too small to operate or develop in other countries in the world?
    I donot think so! Maybe what 3D printing companies in the world need to do most is to find the key to open the door of treasure, created by Industrial SLA 3D printing.
    Or maybe what Galaxy 3D factory staff in China need to do most is to assist each Galaxy3d printing partner to unscrew the faucet of SLA 3D printing order...
    Here as a 3Dman in Galaxy3D Factory, famous for quick establishment of long term business cooperation, I take the pleasure to share the process and experience in this large automotive production projects with all 3D printing friend&Solidword Designers.
    It will be my great honor if this 3D Galexy : Special issue Sep 2019 may bring some useful info for your business or production!
    Any viewer are welcome to share their precious experience or advice or guidance with me!

    Welcome to contact me for more details about Galaxy3D Solution!

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