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    Lightbulb Agie 200D with strange behavior !!!

    Hello Everybody, My name is Clayton and I'm from Brazil, I have a Agie 200D +SF and my machine started to present a strange behavior, when I try to cut using Mode 6 the machine present short circuit error even before the wire be close to the workpiece. When I use mode 5 the machine start to cut but 1 or 2 seconds later the wire touch the workpiece but the machine not present the short circuit error and keep moving the x and y axis until force the wire on the workpiece and the wire broke due the mecanical stress.

    I already checked the resistence between the wire and the table and is open circuit, I cleaned the eletrical contacts and the ground cables on the table, replaced the water and the resin, clean the condutibility sensor, replace the filters etc.

    I'm really in trouble and loosing a lot of money with the machine stoped.

    Any help will be great.

    thanks in advance.


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    Re: Agie 200D with strange behavior !!!

    Your problem is gone?

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