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    Camsoft Block Processing Speed

    Does anyone know the Block Processing Speed for Camsoft CNCLite? Can't seem to find it in the literature...


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    Re: Camsoft Block Processing Speed

    I just cruised thier website... closest answer to your query below.

    I can see the answer is DEPENDS. Which PC computer, which Galil card. Also, you need top quality servos, encoders, servo amps to get to these unreal rates.

    Do you have high speed machining?
    Yes, CamSoft does high speed 2 through 8 axis complex aerodynamic simultaneous cutting up to 3,000 IPM (76,000 mmpm).
    Rapid speeds up to 120,000 IPM (3,000,000 mmpm). Maximum cutting feed rates go up to 3,000 IPM (76,000 mmpm) with the better quality PCI motion cards. With these better cards we can close the servo loop quick, reading the encoder position feed back up to 22,000,000 times a second. This is not a mistake. The results are very high accuracy at high feed rates. It's important to cut both fast and accurate at the same time. This is perfect for cutting large megabyte sized G code programs with many consecutive short quick moves such as in Molds, Art work, curves and splines.

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