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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > GibbsCAM > Need help posting 4 axis code from 5 axis process - uptate
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    Need help posting 4 axis code from 5 axis process - uptate

    New here. I've been programming a little while. I have a 4 axis horizontal mill. I'm trying to finish mill a complex pocket. I'm using 5 axis - general - parallel cuts. Everything looks right in the simulation, but when I go to post code, I don't get any B axis moves. My post supports continuous B. I even tried with my 5-axis post. I tried writing it up as a C axis lathe program. I just can't get it to post the rotational moves. Am I missing a checkbox?

    Update- Someone gave me a .zip file with literally hundreds of post files. None of them, even the ones marked as advanced or rotary or 5 axis will post the rotation, so I think I must be doing something wrong in Gibbs, but I can't tell what.

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    Re: Need help posting 4 axis code from 5 axis process - uptate

    pm me with your email

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