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    Back at Home and Ready for Online Training!

    My summer is over. I am back at my home in Kentucky, and I am set up for online conferencing and training for designEdge software.

    I will have to upgrade at least one of my PCs to the newest version of DesignEdge ... I think it is version 4.53 now ??? I am hearing horror stories about it, so I am not excited about possibly messing up one of my seats, but alas, if I am going to train people on the newest software, I guess I must risk loading it onto my own computer.

    I will begin making videos again, and of course I will be available online by appointment, for one-on-one training sessions. You will need to have your PC with DesignEdge installed onto it, and connected to a reliable Internet connection. It doesn't work well through cell phone tethering and other patchwork Internet connections.

    The PC does not need to be connected to the PlasmaCam table. Some people use their second seat in their homes to conference with me, and then go out to their shops to try out what they have learned.

    It is BEST if you have two separate monitors on your PC. You will have your DesignEdge program displayed on one monitor, and MY PC's screen displayed on the other one. A single ultra-wide monitor will work as well, if you can split te screen and display two PC screens on the single monitor.

    Other options are to use an iPAD or a laptop as the second monitor. This second device does NOT need to have DesignEdge software running on it. If it is connected tot he Internet and connected to the freeconference.com APP through Google CHROME, it will work as a second monitor.

    Finally, the Google CHROME browser is required, and you need to install the freeconference.com extension into the browser. You will need speakers to hear me, and a microphone to speak with me. Alternately, and NOT as convenient ... we can phone conference via cell phones or a VoIP phone.

    Freeconference.com does NOT allow remote access to your PC from my location or vice versa, so (currently) it does not anger the PlasmaCam gods.

    You can communicate with me through the email address addmenow@mail.com

    There is currently NO CHARGE for online training!

    Joe Jones

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    Re: Back at Home and Ready for Online Training!

    This may well be a limited time offer.

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