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    TNC151 Monitor Dilemma

    I have an Interact series 1 mk2 with TNC151 control and 12" CRT monitor.
    Everything has been working fine for some years now until last week when the CRT monitor decided to pack up.
    I have searched this forum and loads of other places about using a more modern LCD screen instead but can find no definite answers.
    I have bought a GBS 8200 converter and whilst I can get some fleeting signs of a picture, it does not magically solve the issue.
    I have been quoted GBP £930 for a plug and play Tsubis replacement!
    It would be more sensible to upgrade to Centroid Acorn for the whole machine than buy that.

    So, can anyone give me any clues as to how I connect my old 15KHz video signal to a modern screen please?

    I am only a hobby user building steam stuff so I don't have to be back in production quickly but I need to resolve this problem - one way or another....


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    Re: TNC151 Monitor Dilemma

    For the record and anybody else who wants to sort this problem, I have managed to get a workable screen.
    OK, not wonderful but the old CRT screen was crap too!
    I was pointed in the right direction by another (electronics) forum.
    Using info from these two sites below.
    I added the u-tube circuit AND the oldcrap.org circuit to the 8220 unit, plus a bit of shielding from interference and it works.
    Just got to fit it all in the control box.


    Shots of my screen:-

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