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    JOURNEYMAN 320 operating manual

    I am a NEWBIE and just purchased my 1st CNC milling machine (JOURNEYMAN 320) The machine was starting up periodically but not consistently and the seller making comments about over travel in the Z axis ? Stating also that the spindle and bearings had just been replaced. I have been looking for an owners manual in the hopes that it would explain how to set the stop and the home switches so to fix of the issue but have not had any luck finding one. Studying Google and You Tube now for two weeks with no luck. I understand that it is an older machine and do not want to be a classic NEWBIE with bothersome questions. Can someone please direct me of where I may find an owners manual for the machine as it did come with the AUTOCON manual but cannot find any help there. I have tried the searches here to find out how to set the stop and home switches and having no luck. Fault code referring to Z axis reference point. Perhaps the cam control for the two switches not installed to match the switches correctly when the spindle was repaired but only a guess on my part?


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    Re: JOURNEYMAN 320 operating manual

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    Re: JOURNEYMAN 320 operating manual

    Advise for NEWBIE posting about machine problems. Give complete information about your machine. Journeyman 320. Why do think everyone is going to naturally know what you're talking about? Especially in this Fanuc forum section. I'm thinking it's a Tree mill but that's only because years ago I had a Tree 220 Journeyman. What control Model? What year is your machine? Stuff like that.

    Basically don't assume and don't leave out what might be relevant info.

    I have a Dynapath System 10Am Installation Manual but not sure it would be of help. There use to be a place called Parts and Smarts who were the Dynapath kings. Not sure they're still around. Careful sending in stuff there without a firm quote and course of action. They once soaked for more then twice what my machine was even worth doing a ton of electrical repair work I never asked for. It was after the 2008 crash so maybe they were desperate.


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