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    Exclamation Camaster Stinger III for sale

    Camaster StingerIII

    In excellent shape, a six year old 4' x 8' Camaster CNC with 8 tool ATC System.
    Make: Camaster
    Model: Stinger III
    Size: 4' x 8'
    8' Lathe
    6hp ATC spindle with 8 Tool Holders and Collets
    Laser Home Pointer
    Vacuum Hold down
    Extra parts "for no down time" Driver, two stepper motors, Rail Bearing

    High Speed closed loop servos from Teknic, purchased in April but never installed

    Cad/Cam ; Vectric Aspire, also Autocad
    P.C. with Large Monitor

    This machine was purchased in 2014 for $21,000. I added the Italian ATC spindle which has less than 10 hours on it, VFD and tool holders for an extra $7,000. It has a vacuum hold down system. All of this hooks up to TWO electrical single phase circuits, 110V and 220V.

    If you have no CNC experience, I maybe willing to give you a day of setup / programming with the deal ( Mileage being the key issue here ).

    Price is $19,000

    If you do not want the servo system, I'll lower the price to $17,500.

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    Re: Camaster Stinger III for sale


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    Re: Camaster Stinger III for sale

    Interested in splitting off the Aspire?

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    Re: Camaster Stinger III for sale

    Still available? Location?

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