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    LPKF/Boardmaster Newbie

    Hello all, just started using the LPKF ProtoMat S62 and I'm operating under the Boardmaster 5.1 software, alongside CircuitCam PCB 6.1.5. Working on some components that contain vectors that need to be milled in a specific direction, as well as specific sequence/order. I see in CircuitCam that there are options for these factors, but it tends to get a little more complicated after I convert the component into an array once exported to Boardmaster. Is there a way to determine the order of vectors milled within the context of the entire array, as opposed to within each individual component one by one? So instead of doing each component of the array one by one, I would like to have control of each the milling sequence of each vector. For example, I would like to move left to right across the entire array, milling the first vector in each component in a column to column sequence, then moving to the second vector, third, and so forth. Same goes for going top to bottom, row by row. So like ||| or = Of course I could select each vector one at a time in the order I prefer, but it would be tedious and impractical time-wise. Also tried uploading the array DXF file to CircuitCam but that proved to be tedious and daunting, so I'm hoping the find better luck in Boardmaster. Thanks
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