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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > Fanuc > Fanuc 11 can't execute FIN signal
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    Fanuc 11 can't execute FIN signal

    Dear all.
    My Makino machine( with Fanuc 11M controller) was can not finish the command I entered from MDI such as M9;( EOB was included), even when the DGN 409.2(FIN signal, because this machine used 3M interface) was come to 1. Please guide me how to fix this problem. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Fanuc 11 can't execute FIN signal

    Is the control trying "In-Position" check? Flashing @ symbol on the bottom of the screen? Is DEN signal on in DGN 1000?
    You didn't mention what model. Horizontal? Vertical?

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