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    Jog Pedant on UCCNC


    I have posted the same question also in cncdrive forum. Maybe the community here is a bit bigger.
    I would like to implement my Mach3 Pedant in UCCNC. But i dont know the sytax and the functions.
    The MPG Works for one axis, also Set Zero on all axis. But i would like to change the axis with one button.

    See here, its the same post as in cncdrive :

    hi everybody,

    in my old Mach3 times i worked on a jog pendant, which i will use also in uccnc.

    My set up: UCCNC --> UC400ETH --> Stepper BoB

    My question is if i can change the Axis to X,Y,Z with one button?
    Maybe you can help me with my problem.
    MPG works, but only for one Axis...

    I would like to have a

    SET Button --> Change from Code 220 to 221 to 222
    ZERO Button --> SET Active Axis Working Zero
    HOME Button --> Active Axis Homing

    OUTPUT 1 --> X Axis Active (LED)
    OUTPUT 2 --> Y Axis Active (LED)
    OUTPUT 3 --> Z Axis Active (LED)

    In Mach it works with Macros, but i dont know if it works also in UCCNC.
    Maybe you can help me a bit?

    I made the Pendat with this tutorial from Gerhard Günzel. (See also the Codes at the Page).

    Maybe you can help me a bit,
    thanks very much.
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    Thank you. Mr Robertspark helped me to fix my problem.

    The Solution is here: http://www.forum.cncdrive.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2268

    I will make a tutorial in german soon.

    Greets Markus

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