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    Re: Start From Selected Line

    There is no need to remember last position. "Start from selected line" knows what is position of previous line.

    Here is a script that will go to sale height (setting for measure tool length is used) and then go to position.
    Dialog will open where you can click cancel to abort or ok to continue with plunge down.

    (print,OnStart script @ Line: #<line,0>)
    (print,  PosState: X#<posstate_x,3>, Y#<posstate_y,3>, Z#<posstate_z,3>)
    O<chk> if [#<line>]
      (print,  MistState: #<miststate,0>)
      (print,  FloodState: #<floodstate,0>)
      (print,  SpindleState: #<spindlestate,0>)
      (print,  MotorsState: #<motorsstate,0>)
      (print,  LimitsState: #<limitsstate,0>)
      G53 G00 Z#<_tooloff_safeheight>
      G53 G00 X#<posstate_x> Y#<posstate_y> 
      (dlgname,Start From Selected Line)
      (dlg,Clock OK to continue, typ=label, color=0xffa500)
      G53 G00 Z#<posstate_z>
    O<chk> endif

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    Re: Start From Selected Line

    Hi PlanetCNC. I've had a chance to play around with the new software and I ran into a new problem related to the Machine.Start command. It appears that the button I made no longer works. I see that you changed the machine menu and renamed a few things to "Start" as well. I believe this is creating a conflict. If I click from the machine.start menu, it starts the gcode from the first line as expected. But he Start button that I created that used to work in the previous version appears to not work properly. Has this changed? If so how do I set up my custom button.

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    Re: Start From Selected Line

    Yeah, I screw this up. What was I thinking? Two commands with same name?
    I'll fix this for next release next Thursday, Yes Thursday because I don't want to have a release on Friday 13th.

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