Hi everyone.

I have built a 5 x 10 CNC router (MechMate) and have used it for several years building cabinetry and wooden signs. It has worked flawlessly. It does have its limitations but I have no regrets building it.

I would like to create metal signs and will be using a CNC plasma table. I have done quite a bit of research and am still undecided whether to build or buy. Building the machine is not the issue ... the issue is regarding the dependability of "off the shelf" electronic packages or THC. I have looked at the Precision Plasma kits, the CandCNC kits, Acorn, Clearpath, and many others. I do realize that building is cheaper but my research suggests a DIY product could see more downtime.

I would like to hear from those who have built their own CNC plasma table and use it in a commercial/light industrial setting. You could really help me decide by identifying some of the hardware/electronics you are using and how it has held up with regular use.

Thanks in advance.