Good day all,

Has anybody had experience on a GSK928TD-L controller, specifically around the CREATING OF A CORDINATING SYSTEM? I bought the controller as I was informed that it is similar to the FANUC controllers which I have many years of experience. Fanuc is similar to the GSK980 controller, but the GSK 928 is totally different from what i am seeing.

Is the Machine Reference or Machine Zero return required? The supplier tells me it is not and that it functions on floating system but did not explain further, the manual is barely legible and I am unsure how to proceed. For clarity:

What is the machine zero position and how is it found/set?
What is the program zero position and how is it set?
What is the job Z 0.0 position and how does it differ to the program zero position?

The problem I have is that the program starts running from where it came to an end and does not return to the absolute X and Z (the edge of the part been turned) of the program. The error grows progressively with each component machined.

Any assistance or examples would be greatly appreciated.