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IndustryArena Forum > CAM Software > BobCad-Cam > v30 and v31 license issue
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    v30 and v31 license issue

    Anyone having a problem using bobcad today ??
    Both my seats v30 and 31 are dead in the water . I'm getting a license error on both , and when I try to reinstall my license then it says that the license is being used on another pc . I have 2 seats of each but have only installed one of each , so I tried the unused licenses and both of those say they are being used on another pc , even though they've never been used . Both versions are sitting on demo screen .
    I hoped to get a few things done today but it looks like I'll be sitting on my thumbs

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    Re: v30 and v31 license issue

    seems I got it broken down to this pc being the issue . I checked my laptop and I installed v31 at some point (which I forgot) . Bc worked fine in it so I dropped the license from the laptop and installed it on this pc and it seems to work now . I don't know what has happened on this computer to lose both of my licenses , but I'll have to get that sorted with bc this week . At least I can get back to my stuff for now

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    Re: v30 and v31 license issue

    Call support and they can get you sorted out.
    Al DePoalo
    Partner Product Manager BobCAD CAM, Inc. 866-408-3226 X147

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    Re: v30 and v31 license issue

    Support got back to me early monday morning , all is good

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