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    CamWorks to Gcode anomaly?

    So i'm new to the whole CNC thing, have my mini-mill hooked up and configured. Am trying to work on my first part and in solidworks, what I think is a simple project (Mill 1" round bar to .900) is seeming to be a daunting task. I've set up my machine in the Camworks database, I've built my part in Solidworks, built the round bar stock to mill from, selected the proper tooling, and when I've completed generating the tool path I can play it and it shows the tool doing exactly what it's supposed to...4 round swipes taking off .1 of material with every rotation. I send it through post and I get Gcode on the other end. I open up the G code in Mach3 and what I get is two circles, one inside the other, and both are trying to get milled out so i'm not sure where it's going wrong...any help?
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    Re: CamWorks to Gcode anomaly?

    Hmm, can you post the code that CAMWorks spit out? I'm guessing this has something to do with your cutter compensation offsets in CAMWorks, but that will usually result in concentric circles. If you can, create a zip file with the CAMWorks toolpath as well as the nc code file.

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