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    Isel Retrofit.

    Hey Guys
    I have an old Isel cnc router, bed size 1500mm x 1300mm. It has
    been a gem for 20 years but now the controller has given up the ghost
    and left me pretty much in the crap.

    I have read through many posts and seen that I am not alone albeit
    that the relative posts were many years ago and addressing the problem
    could have many new solutions.

    So what I need to know is this:
    Can I use my existing motors? which are (attached pics down the line)
    What would be the best drivers to run these? (Gecko G540 recommended before on this forum)
    Am I able to run Mach 3 from Autocad Dwg files?

    We are also running another cnc router using an Isel controller
    with a DOS based interface on a Windows 98 OS.(waiting for that to give up)
    Isel have told us that acquiring a new controller is impossible
    and the whole system needs to be upgraded, I get that, time to move on
    but not at a cost of 70.000 South African Rands.
    Is there anyone that can help with this issue?

    Attached I will place a few pics of what I have.

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    Re: Isel Retrofit.

    i've retrofitted an isel with stepper motors with no problem. just find out what kind of motors are used and google them if they are not the classic four wire stepper motors. if they are servos its also possible.


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