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    Mycenter 2Xi High-Gear Spindle Orientation

    I have a Mycenter 2Xi with a Fanuc 16i control. Occasionally the spindle orientation during tool change will be as much as 5-10 deg off. Meaning that the drive dogs will not be in the correct position for the ATC arm to put the tool into the spindle. This will only happen when the spindle is in High Gear, the spindle must be switched into low gear for it to reliably orientate to the correct position. I have searched the manual and can not find any help on this.


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    Re: Mycenter 2Xi High-Gear Spindle Orientation

    Ive had the same issue on my 3xi. one of my morning routines is to make sure I do a good spindle warmup going through the high and low range gears 500rpm-15000. Then before running any programs I will call
    G28G91Z0; cycle start

    M19; cycle start

    "M19" is the Fanuc macro for spindle orientation on these machines. Then just check to make sure the spindle is oriented correctly. If it is, Ill just call out a tool change to double check and go about my day. if its not, sometimes Ill have to reboot the control. (sucks since you have to do a spindle warmup again)

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