Anyone have experience with the Robofil 310/510 machines running brass wire? What kind of cutting rate do you get? I've been getting between 1 and 2 in^2/hour, and this is with pretty bad flushing i.e. not sealed nozzles to a flat surface. the parts are always either various shapes that dont allow it, or they have enough holes in them that the seal doesnt really happen.

My machine has the brass generator, but I have also tried out stratified wire and get less wire breaks when running it, but only say 10% faster cutting rates over brass. These rates include messing with every parameter like B, Aj, WS, FF etc. To me it seems slow, I thought I should get like 6^in/hr and better if able to have sealed nozzles.

Let me know your experience with the Robofils, I'm on the fence about dumping a decent chunk of money into this machine to replace the machining cables, maybe a PCB or two.