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Thread: m37 command

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    m37 command

    Quick question for the masses.

    ON my Camaster wood CNC, I am fighting the humidity and the spoilboard swelling and such. I would like to drop all my tools at once without having to recalc the table.
    The M37.3 command is supposed to move all tools from their calibrated height to the new a height dictated in the syntax.
    I cant seem to get this to work. It may be spaces or no spaces, who knows.
    Can someone help with this syntax and make sure this is what it is supposed to do?
    m37.3s.02H0 M37.3 (Move tool height) .02 (move .020") H0 ( applies to all tools) NO SPACES

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: m37 command

    Look over this thread on the CAMaster forum, as the process is explained pretty well. Another note: Some machines store the tool length in the "H" register, some in the "T" register. Make sure that your adjustment line includes the proper parameter. You can look in your TC.mac to see which register is written to.

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