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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > DeskCNC Controller Board > Wrong wiring or setting with MB3+ESS+MACH 4
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    Wrong wiring or setting with MB3+ESS+MACH 4

    HI cnc maniac
    i bought MB3 controller board and 2 week i fight with wiring and setting. Until now i used LPT desk+ESS+driver 3ND883.
    Driver have 6 pin (ENA+-,PUL+-,DIR+-). On the desk is also 6 pin. On Mach4 i make setting PIn XX is enable pin.
    If i touch button enable motor make typical sound(turn on).
    On MB3 i connect PUL+- to XS+-,DIR+- to XD+-, ENA+ to 5V,ENA- to 0V. i try change 5V to VCC and 0V to GND.
    On MB3 is not ENABLE PIN and i don´t have seting in mach4 to enbale?
    HOW function enable in MB3? I install all program and MB3 profil. Spindle i connect and if i push spindle button in mach it is work.
    relay also work. e stop work but motors no.
    Can you help me whit my problem?Definitaly is my mistake but this modern desk is smarter than me.

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    Re: Wrong wiring or setting with MB3+ESS+MACH 4

    Hi Rajdzos,

    The 3ND883 manaul states that if ENA termial left unconnected will make the drive enable. So, if you want to enable the drive at all time, then leave it unconnected.

    However, you want to implement a safety to your system. it is suggested to implement the enable or disable function through Estop circuit. Because it is better to have software independent. In this external Estop circuit, you can have second switch or relay contact that send feedback to the software side when the Estop is pressed.

    It is suggested that to obtain a 5-volt source from terminal 5V and 0V on the MB3 board. Becuase the VCC-GND is reserved for ESS board and small current consumption circuits.

    for Mach4 signal configuring and mapping please see the following link.


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