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    THC Voltage Reading with a Non HF plasma

    Hi to all
    I am newbie on the plasma CNC world and I am really desperate.
    Las week I finally finish to integrate my first DIY plasma table (4ftx8ft) everything has been configured and debug on dry cycle. I am using sheetcam and Mach3 full license both,Everything with Gecko G540.

    My problem is that I am using a Lotos Ltp5500D plasma NON HF and pilot arc, without voltage divider, so my THC is not reading the voltage when the arc start, I am using raw voltage. Using voltmeter the reading is 119 +/-5V but the THC send error and is not reading the voltage any suggestion??

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    Re: THC Voltage Reading with a Non HF plasma

    I wish you luck, but my experience with a Lotos plasma cutter was pretty disappointing. I simply could not get the interference levels low enough that the plasma cutter didn't knock the computer signal out when it fired. I tried a number of options to mitigate the issue but nothing worked for me. I didn't have your exact model so maybe you will have better luck! Someone here may be able to offer assistance, but at the least they need more info... thc type/model, how it's connected now etc etc. I did a little searching and there is some info out there on how this model is connected. There is also some info in the manual. Good luck.

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    Re: THC Voltage Reading with a Non HF plasma

    Why is this on the PlasmaCAM forum?

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