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    New drivers and motors, need some advice

    Hi folks, so I bought a 1515 workbee cnc router, comes with drivers and motors, same time I bought a new driver and motor kit which is a bit over board being nema 34 so I might use them still until I build my second machine.The motors that come with the workbee are 175oz steppers, in my eyes a bit lite for a 4x4 machine.


    Any way I herd the bob board is not the best to use, wondering if there is a better solution I can use that doesn't cost more than the drivers and motors, I do have mach3 but haven't used it in years. and heard that a bit long in the tooth. acorn is way out of my price range. Any ideas?

    Probably change the lead screws too if I can get some at a half decent price, the ones that come with it are 8mm, they should bee good for a smaller machine or 3d printer, the whipping will be bad I bet.

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    Re: New drivers and motors, need some advice

    I'd say use the breakout board you've got; if it gives you problems you can always replace it. Similarly, I'd give the Workbee a chance to work before tearing it apart; holding torque isn't the only number that defines how well a motor works. Mach3 still works although support is lacking, so try it if it came with your machine. If not, maybe try UCCNC. Yes, 8mm does sound a bit skinny for a screw that long, but try them before giving up and replacing them. If you're building a new and better machine, you might find the Workbee useful in making parts for it, and it will be easier to sell the Workbee afterwards if it's all original and not a mishmash of replacement parts.
    Andrew Werby

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