Due to changing product lines I need to replace my existing "daily driver". Its a CNC Bridgeport Series ll Knee mill. Pictures of my conversion are documented here: https://sawmillcreek.org/showthread.php?240313

Machine has had semi steady but light use (plastics and aluminum) and is in great shape.

Specs: BP Series ll Special Edition.
NMTB30 quill with Erickson Quick Change (premeasured tools)
X travel: ~34"
Y Travel: ~14"
Z Travel: ~5"
Knee Travel: ~14" (with air assist)
3hp spindle with high/low range 150-400 rpm
VFD with software rpm and fwd/rev control
2832 ozin (.72kw) NEMA42 3phase Easy Servos
50mm x 5mm pitch (2:1 reduced) ballscrews XY
20mm x 5mm pitch (1.5:1 reduced) Z
Step resolution sub 0.00001
Rapids: max 300ipm (set 200ipm)
Chip containment enclosure
Software controlled flood cooling
Software controlled mist and/or air cooling
Home +/- limit inductance sensors
OEM manual included (copy)
One shot lube pump (manual) (electric available)
Power: 230VAC 30A 1ph
~30 end mill, shell mill and drill tool holders, including numerous collet holders
~5200 lbs.

Machine is currently running on WinCNC control (CNC-PC & monitor included) but can be swapped to Centroid control (buyers option)
$12,000 including machine bolted to skid and fork lift available to load. Pickup or shipping at buyers expense. Delivery available
Includes full day of operational training.
gcnc411@gmail.com for more info.