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Thread: Fidia F1

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    Fidia F1


    How do I change the menu language on a Fidia F1 from german to english?


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    Re: Fidia F1

    I can tell you how to change the error messages to English.
    Are the softkeys signs of your machine in German?
    Mine is english.I can ask from FIDIA company if its possible to
    Change the main language of WKS to English.

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    I need a manual and wiring diagrams for Fidia F1 copymill. I will be grateful for any help Thanks

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    Re: Fidia F1

    I still have the wiring diagrams from my machine, but they won t help you since every machine tool builder has a diferent one. Mine is a Sachman RP3. I have replaced the Fidia F1 copymill controler with a modern Siemens 820d and keept the original drives and motors.All the parts from the Fidia controller are for sale if you ever need parts.

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