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    Oct 2005

    Gcodes Mcodes

    Are there any Gcodes or Mcodes that you think are missing in PathPilot ??

    (;-) TP

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    Nov 2012

    Re: Gcodes Mcodes

    I recently learned that G68 and G69 aren't implemented; instead you use G10 on PathPilot.
    Given that I didn't notice, I guess I'm so tied to CAM these days that it's not a real problem :-)

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    Oct 2005

    Re: Gcodes Mcodes

    I had already remapped teh G68/69 and teh G31 also 4 other remaps to make it more fanuc compatible BUT lost teh remap.py file when I forgot to backup teh file before an upgrade. That was 4 days lost work (;-( . BUT it is what it is. Live and learn.

    (;-) TP

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