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    Smile CNC plasma table needs software update

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum.

    I have a "KickAss Machine" that's the name of the table. They have since gone bankrupt so I am at a loss as to what to do. I am not a computer guru at all. The table initially came with a computer an old IBM. The manufacturer hired a guy to create the software.

    My problem is the computer died and I can't get another one with that software which has rendered my table useless. I need to update the software on the table as well as compatible software for a new computer. My problem is I have only found one place in Canada that "specializes" in updating said table and the quote is expensive. I am looking for alternative cost-effective recommendations.

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    Re: CNC plasma table needs software update


    Sure, it will cost some money, but it will be pretty much a plug and play (depending on how you want to go about it), but more than that, they have kicked everyone’s butt when it comes to a truly seamless Cad/Cam and Control Plasma environment. Nothing out there really comes close.

    With what they offer, you could purchase just the control and get it connected to the hardware you have....

    Buy the control with drivers and just get it wired into your motors...

    Or buy an entire Control, Drivers and Motors package where you just bolt new motors on, plug it all in and start making things.

    Your other control options are many, but you will need to do the legwork getting it all connected and working. You will be your only integrated support. This is not a bad thing if you are rather brilliant with these things or have a history of doing retrofits.

    If I'd have available funding, I'd go FLASHCUT. They have been an excellent control provider for a long, long time. I've used it on numerous machines since 1997.

    Chris L

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    Re: CNC plasma table needs software update

    If your half handy and dont want to spend much money I suggest you look into building a new controller, reusing your motor drives and relays and such and controlling them with either a Mesa 7i76e or 7i96.

    Then install this software,

    PlasmaC User Guide

    For the price (free) it makes high end controllers look like ****. Using a Mesa THCAD10 you will have software controlled THC. I have spent 100's of hours using it on a large industrial machine running all day long and compared to my old CandCNC setup there is no comparison. It just blows everything else out of the water.

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