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    Physical Simulation in solid works

    i am currently working in simulating springs in solidworks2005. I have created the spring by using helical path and coil dia. As the application of this spring requires square grounded spring, i have made the spring, flat at both ends for the required length. While simulating i was asked to selected to ends of the spring, free length and spring constant. But the problem is that i was able to select the one end but not so for the other end. pls give me the solution.

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    Endpoints of springs

    I am experiencing the same problem as you. Once I chop off the ends to flatten the spring ends, I am unable to select endpoints for the Spring Physical Simulation. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

    The problem is that after the ends are removed, the end of the spring is no longer at the origin and I can't see a way to fix that. I am still trying to figure out a way to add end points to the spring.


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    Adding reference geometry such as a point or a plane, where needed, may satisfy the endpoint condition.
    It may also be necessary to create a sketch on the new plane to help.

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