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    Two Axis CNC Table

    Hello Everyone,

    I am working on a project that requires me to build an automated table. This table will function similarly to a CNC; however, it will only have a XY axis and it will not carve/mill any product. Essentially, it will be carrying an object that only weight one poind from point to point.

    This table needs to be a minumum of 2M x 2M (meters). I have never built a CNC machine before, but I under stand how they work. My plan is to use extruded aluminum for the frame. Does anyone have any recommendtions on products/manufacturing/suppliers parts I should use for the build?

    The budget is $3,000 excluding controls. I am incorperating my own control system .

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    Re: Two Axis CNC Table

    Hi Agaylor - I suggest you use belts in such an application. A 10 or 16mm AT belt would work fine. Use 15 or 20mm rails and cars and NEMA 17 or 23 steppers. Depending on the speed / acceleration you want is the next question. If you look up the Maximus thread you will see CAD dwgs of this sort of thing. Its for A HD router but you can scale it back to a suitable extrusion size. Does it have a flat base or is it a high rail design with a void? If its $3000USD then you should have lots of change for this simple system....Peter

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    Re: Two Axis CNC Table

    A CoreXY type design might work although I've never spotted one scaled up to 2 meters.
    Link to an example used for moving a magnet below.
    Anyone who says "It only goes together one way" has no imagination.

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    Re: Two Axis CNC Table

    8020 extrusions are a good starting point. https://8020.net/?SID=dm001fm6uhqpj6t8hdmknghrt4

    For inexpensive rails and ball screws VXB Bearing is a good choice. OK quality https://www.vxb.com/

    McMaster is another good source for motion products, more expensive, but good quality products.



    Ametric is another vendor I use for belts & pulleys. They also have screws and rails https://www.ametric.com/
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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