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    translation of menu V. 12/12

    I just updated to 12/12 from 11/29 (I skipped 06/12) and I saw that the machine menu has been modified in some items, following this the localization file (ITA.txt in my case) does not understanding the news some parts of the menu are not translated; I then added the new entries and I deleted / updated the modified ones but even so the software does not translate some parts of the menu; for example:

    Machine/Motors, Limits, Probe=Motori, Limiti, Sonda
    Machine/Motors, Limits, Probe/Soft Limits Enable=Abilita Limiti Software
    Machine/Motors, Limits, Probe/Hard Limits Enable=Abilita Limiti Fisici
    Machine/Motors, Limits, Probe/Motors Enable=Abilita Motori
    Machine/Motors, Limits, Probe/Probe Trigger=Trigger Sonda

    translates only the first line but not the subsequent ones ....... Where am I wrong?


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    Re: translation of menu V. 12/12

    Correct ENG.txt is in attachment.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Re: translation of menu V. 12/12

    There is also a problem in the "Set / User Interface: 3D" section.

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    Re: translation of menu V. 12/12

    C'è anche un problema nella sezione "Set / User Interface: 3D"
    sì, le parti selezionate non vengono tradotte.

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