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    Low Cost - CNC Router design

    I am looking at cnc routers for wood. Some have 2 motors to move the gantry some have one. How do I choose between 1 and 2. Is it better balanced or does it produce more force or both.

    I am an inexperienced cnc router user. I will be making signs.


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    Re: Low Cost - CNC Router design

    Hi Tom - The long axis with a gantry can be driven on small machines with one drive (screw or belt) under the table via a saddle. On large machines its usual to drive the long axis with two motors, one either side. If the design is functioning then one or two is fine. If you have seen a machine in which only one side of the long axis is driven this is most likely for a machine like a plotter or laser that does not have any contact force at the "tool". These would not work for routing work. Peter

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    Re: Low Cost - CNC Router design

    It's to combat the "stuck drawer" problem: what happens when you try to open a wide bureau drawer by pulling on only one of two handles. It works a lot better if you pull on both handles at once. That's what you get when you "slave" the two X-axis motors together, so they pull at the same rate on either side. You'll need to provide an extra driver, but unless your machine is particularly narrow, it's worth doing.
    Andrew Werby

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