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    New to me Tree Journeyman 425

    Had an issue where I thought my Z axis was accumulating error. After the suggestion from the Centroid forum, I checked if I was losing steps between Acorn and DYN4. I had been through this before on my router. I incorrectly assumed this would get fixed based on my experience a year ago. Nonetheless, it was short work to modify the DMM DYN4 -> Acorn cables and switch to the Acorn step/direction signals on the DB25. Once I did that all was well. No more lost steps between Acorn and DYN4.

    At that point I needed to go through the axis calibration and backlash measurement. That went well. Lastly, I dialed in my Hallmark ITTP again now that the machine was moving as the control commanded. I'm happy to say I made the part I've been using to test this all out. Part turned out good. Two sided part using two WCS. Fusion 360 for CAD and CAM. Really happy with Fusion for CAM on the mill.

    Some of the various pieces of scrap I made diagnosing issues and dialing it in:


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    Re: New to me Tree Journeyman 425

    Quote Originally Posted by machinehop5 View Post
    ....nice thread..need a Job?
    Thank you! I'm always open to offers

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    Re: New to me Tree Journeyman 425

    The side of the mill control panel has an existing opening with a small cover. I mounted the new control pc behind this opening. This leaves the front panel of the NUC CNC PC accessible. It's on the far side from the spindle, so no coolant or chips to worry about. I sold the original Dynapath 20 stuff on ebay. All in all, I am very happy with the mill, the retrofit, etc. I highly recommend the Hitachi SJ-P1 drives!

    The cover:

    Some measuring and drawing:

    Point and click:

    I bought the encoder board for the Hitachi VFD a while back. I have the cable and have needed to hunt down the connector for the encoder. Was clicking around my email and saw the connector info. Ordered online from JST's website. I had to order 10, so if anyone seeing this has the same or similar Yaskawa spindle motor and needs to make an encoder cable, let me know.

    Next up is sorting out a spindle encoder..

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