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    Another Review of B0dor BCL 1309XU

    Hi All,

    After combing through the forums, I decided to order a Bodor BCL 1309XU with the 150W RECI Laser Tube. I also ordered both rotary attachments, an extra power supply, the honeycomb table and extra sets of lenses.

    I ordered it direct from the company and paid through Alibaba.com. Alibaba displays at timer for when the supplier is supposed to ship (attched a partial screenshot)

    I'm a woodworker and have been using CAD for decades. I've also had experience using CNC machines and own and use a 3D printer. I hope to be using the laser to make templates, jigs and accent parts and pieces.

    I'll keep posting as the order progresses and happy to answer any questions I can.

    And thanks for this forum and users for providing all the experiences, pros and cons and general information!!!

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    Re: Another Review of B0dor BCL 1309XU

    Hello, I got mine last week, so far the laser has been working perfect, hope yours too. I´m planing on installing Universal Rotary Cam Selector to switch between the Y axis and Chuck, having to manualy disconnect the cable and risking I pull to hard and damage something is not something I would like. I´m still searching, trying to get more info on how to do it properly.


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