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    Inverse Time feed rates

    Hi does anyone have an example of a post file S or M, that is using inverse time feed rates for a Haas 4th axis programming..?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Hi machinster, talking of a Haas machine; input the correct diameter of the part to be machined in the Setting #34, and then all you have to program is something like this:

    G01 X2.500 Y0 A131.523 F5.1

    Knowing the diameter of the part, the control will interpolate both axis to reach the end of the move at the specified rate.
    Here is a partial Haas post that I used for years.

    name Haas 4 axis VF2 (Metric) ( BY Mario Lovato 15/04/1997 )

    % 00
    / 00
    O >4
    N >4

    A ->4.>3 Limit -8000 8000
    I ->4.>3
    J ->4.>3
    K ->4.>3

    ModalLetters X Y Z F A # List of letters that are modal

    ModalGs 0 1 2 3 73 74 76 80 81 82 83 84 85 # List of g codes that are modal

    G<80> G<49> G<40>
    G<28> g<91> Z<0>
    G<28> g<91> Y<0> A<0>

    1stToolChange # First tool change
    T<Tool> M<6>
    G<0> G<90> G<17> G<Work> X<H> Y<V> A<Rotangle>
    G<43> Z<D> H<Lcomp>
    M<Direct> S<Speed>

    Infeed # Enable cutter comp
    G<Side> X<H> Y<V> D<DComp> A<Rotangle> F<FRate>

    Outfeed # Disable cutter comp
    G<1> G<40> X<H> Y<V>

    M<09> # End of the program
    G<0> G<49> G<90> Z<0>
    G<28> g<91> Z<0>
    G<28> g<91> Y<0> A<0>

    Index X # Index the rotary table
    G<0> G<49> G<90> Z<0>
    G<Work> X<H> Y<V> A<Rotangle>
    G<43> Z<D> H<Lcomp> M<Cool>

    UnWind # Unwind the rotary table
    G<0> G<49> G<90> Z<0>
    G<43> Z<D> H<Lcomp> M<Cool>
    G<0> X<LastH> Y<LastV> A<LastRotAng>
    G<1> Z<LastD>

    Should you need more info, just call me.
    Good Luck.

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