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    DMC 2143 and DMC 4143 compatibility

    My Camsoft program supports the DMC 2143 motion controller. I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge about using the DMC 4143 as a direct replacement. I have the Pro 15.9 version of Camsoft and would like an ethernet control. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: DMC 2143 and DMC 4143 compatibility


    Yes, it is a direct replacement.

    The logic routines and commands in the CBK file as well as the operator interface and all wiring will remain the same.

    The 4143 motion box and the 2143 model have the same terminal connections just in different places on the motion board itself.

    Since you have a fairly older version of the software you will need to use the same computer and same Windows operating system. You will need to BACKUP the current CBK file then reinstall using the CamSoft installation CD to install and set up the 4143 series motion drivers. After this RESTORE The CBK file.

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    Re: DMC 2143 and DMC 4143 compatibility

    Thank you for the info!

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