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    Mastercam V8 post for Anilam 3300mk

    Hi guys, this may be a long shot, but here goes...... I am using the default mpan113x post that came with Mastercam V8. I would like to output a fixture offset # and some M codes when posting. I just recently saved an old Anilam 3300mk bed mill from the scrap heap and would like the be able to program on Mastercam instead of the conversational programing that's on the machine. I am not familiar with Anilam at all. All my experience has been with Fanuc and Mitsubishi. I think the mpan113x post is usable but outputting a fixture offset # or an M0 or M1 would be great. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    Re: Mastercam V8 post for Anilam 3300mk

    I have been editing the post myself, and so far so good. The only problem I am having is that I want to post the following:

    Offset Fixture#0 at the end of the program and Offset Fixture#1 at the start of the program.
    The post ignores # signs so it just spits out Offset Fixture. I have a Bed mill that homes so I don't think I need to call up tool 0 before every Tool change. Instead I would like to post Z 6.00 since Z0 is always the top of the part while in Fixture Offset #1. 6 inches should be enough room to manually remove the tool. (Mill has about 16 inches of Z travel.

    Thanks again.

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