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    Ammeter and Voltmeter for controller

    I'm building a gecko based controller for my mill and would like to be able to monitor the voltage and amperage my drivers / steppers use from my power supply. Would I wire my ammeter and voltmeter in series with the driver power supply inputs or in parrallel?

    PS(+)--->Voltmeter--->Shunt Resistor--->Ammeter--->Drivers--->PS(-)


    PS(+)--->Shunt Resistor--->Ammeter--->PS(-)

    Thanks for any help!

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    Voltmeter will be wired to power supply + and - outputs.

    Ampmeter will be wired in series using power supply + output.

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    Depending on setup your ammeter maybe of little use.
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    Just to clarify

    To be specific:

    Voltmeter: across supply, +ve and -ve. (as above).

    Ammeter: shunt goes in series, ammeter wired across shunt (parallel with shunt). Can use +ve or -ve line, as current out = current in. Note: ammeter may go backwards, so swap wires if required.

    The shunt provides a minute resistance to allow current through the ammeter. Wiring in series without shunt will destroy ammeter.

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    It depends also how much current you are putting through the shunt for the meter. If purchasing a 10 amp meter for example the shunt has to carry the 10 amps or more and should be more. If you do some searching on the web look for shunt's. I made mine from a millamp meter with a home made shunt which is wire wound in a coil of a certain length. I use it on the foam cutter bow for setting the heat. It may not be the answer for you but my feeling is the case looks better with meters and it helps troubleshoot when something has gone wrong. I'm from the old school abnd still prefer them instead of the idiot lites.

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