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    Tool coatings - AlTiN vs. AlTiNS

    I haven't found the appropriate English translation, but my German supplier sells carbide radius cutters with both labels. The latter refers to sulfur, which they claim is even harder, and costs about 35% more. I've been using mostly the AlTiNS on bamboo plywood, which is tough on tools because of the very hard glue. I have also used the simple AlTiN sometimes in the past and was quite happy, but I am cutting a lot more wood since I last did so, so don't have a good basis for comparison. I'm wondering if the price premium is worth it? just on details, I'm mostly carving with an R3 at around 900mm/minute at 10k rpm.

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    I've not heard of AlTiNS. I assume that it is Aluminium titanium nitride coating with the additional of an element beginning with S. What does the additional S standard for?

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