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    Re: The Coming Climate Change

    I never realized the solar panels were so toxic. I have never done any parts for the solar industry in support of it yet for most other industries I have most of my focus being Oil related which of course is a world to itself. Machinerys Handbook invaluable not just one edition either all I can find. I am waiting for when previous editions are made available digitally which can at least satisfy my curiosity, it gives me access to the way things have been done by our predicessors. The cool stuff .

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    The inevitability of the impending serious climate changes, the global and large-scale of which can be observed today on the entire planet, puts everyone before the line of personal choice. The climate is changing, and it is happening right now. In some parts of the world, annual rainfall is expected to decline over the long term, while in other regions, fluctuations in rainfall and temperature will noticeably affect the growing season of some plants. You can follow the weather and climate changes here https://world-weather.info/forecast/usa/new_york/

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    It's so sad that people do not pay enough attention to climate changes. I mean, there is the climate change and it's inevitable. We see the changes today already. We have to do something with it. Take a look at this page with gatwick airport arrivals. There are so many planes which contribute a lot to the changes. New ways of transportation should be made.

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