I have a simple question: is it possible to generate the G code (Mach3) in madcam relative to a user defined Cplane or to tweak the G code in a simple way to achieve the same? So far the G code is generated relative to the World UCS.

My problem is that the object that I want to mill (2.5D toolpath) is longer than my machine. So, I have to change the position of the object a few times and consequently change the milling origin point (0,0) relatively to the moved object.

In Rhino, I have simulated the different positions by placing the objects next to each other to have a better overview. Solutions might be to move all of the objects into the same origin (0,0 World UCS) and control the chaos with switching layers on and off or to have one Rhino file for each position. Both solutions are not practical since I cannot overview all of the milling steps at once.

I am sorry if this question was already solved, but I could not dig myself through all of the threads to find it. The search engine was also not very helpful, be it with less or with more search tags.

Thanks in advance!