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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Benchtop Machines > MAXNC-10 mini cnc mill software? pre year 2000 model
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    Hi...thanks...if so simple ...why are some 3d digitizer probes $200

    UOTE=Fastest1;2349702]A probe is just a simple electronic switch. Insulate a piece of drill rod in a holder, connect a wire to it from the input pin.[/QUOTE]

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    Re: MAXNC-10 mini cnc mill software? pre year 2000 model

    Different sorts of probes are used for different things. The one Fastest refers to would be useful for finding a piece of metal on the bed of your mill. But a digitizing probe is more complicated; it has to register the features of a non-conductive 3D part by bumping into it and recording the points of contact. Typically they consist of a shaft with a flange on it that floats in a housing set up so that if it's contacted it connects a circuit that triggers a routine that stops motion, records a point, then starts looking for the next one. Here's one that someone shows you how to build: https://www.instructables.com/id/dig...or-cnc-router/
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: MAXNC-10 mini cnc mill software? pre year 2000 model

    Sorry, Andrew is correct. I do have a few of the probes you refer to that cost 175+. On the the other hand what I mention can still be used but you will have to understand what opens and closes the circuit and how to interface it with the controller. You would also have to insulate the probe from the spindle electrically via an iinsulator of some kind, delrin maybe? A simple piece of pc board and a wire to the same input can be a tool height setting gauge. Turned sideways it is an edge finder.
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