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    FANUC CNC retrofit controller. Control relays, pumps, lights, valves. Interested?

    I've developed a controller that "spies" on the RS232 port of a CNC machine and reacts to specific data to manipulate a few 10 amp relays. As long as your machine can DPRNT from within the Gcode program, you can use this device. I use it for a solenoid valve to provide air blast for milling and an in-process buzzer to keep the machine from sitting idle. I can keep the project simple and cheap ($) where you wire up the peripheral electronics you want or I can enclose it all in a watertight box along with a solenoid air valve and buzzer ($$$) This will be a great addition to any CNC machine!

    One could use the 10A relays provided to trigger more powerful relays to control things like dust collection or other large devices. I figure 3 small relays would be a good start.

    Configuration is done on a PC. Drag and drop some setup files on an SD card for the machine's COM port settings.

    I haven't figured out a single way to produce the device yet,such as enclosed with all options or bare bones... I'm interested in what you would like to see.

    Let me know if you are interested, I'm excited to get this thing out there!

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    Re: FANUC CNC retrofit controller. Control relays, pumps, lights, valves. Intereste

    Here's a sketch of the DPRNT relay control unit.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails V1.2 Sketch 1.jpg  

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