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    A question about spammers and why they bother

    I have been a member of this site for a few years and in the last year and a half the number of spammers seems to have escalated enormously.I must have flagged several dozen in the last year alone and I am sure others will have done the same.My question is in two parts really;first why bother promoting something that is of no interest to people with an interest in CNC matters?Secondly does the act of registering an account give them access to the information and email details of the members here if they have some kind of software that digs around?

    I really would like to understand more about the topic and would like to encounter less rubbish.I get particularly annoyed by the outfits that sell college work to students who don't have the aptitude or ability to do their own work.In future I may need the services of real professionals and would greatly prefer dealing with people who know what they are doing.Those who "bought" their way to a successful course result could be dangerous.

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    Re: A question about spammers and why they bother

    seek and destroy , thats what spam is about .

    Most spam is the product of a few specific countries , Almost every single spam hit on my site comes from 3 specific countries . I'd have shut it down yrs ago if I didn't have the protections that I have in place , otherwise I get targeted so many times in a day that keeping up to it would be more trouble than it's worth .

    I've been on this site for 15yrs and it seems to come in waves . A major site like this must have an immense amount of securities , but even then this site probably gets targeted so much that some still get through

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    Re: A question about spammers and why they bother

    Hello routalot,
    it´s true, it´s really annoying and thank´s for reporting these spam posts in the past. It seems that the different types of spam are really coming in waves. In the past we had a period time, when spam posts about "sunglasses" appeared regularly. At another time postings for sports-live-Streaming or movie-streaming have been very popular and in the moment these bothering essay-posts are very often. We hope this will stop soon. I think these spammers don´t care if it´s of interest to our community or not, they are only interested in generating clicks.

    Of course spammers will be banned from CNCzone and IndustryArena as soon as they are recognized. And the mail and IP addresses of these users will be banned too. Nevertheless, we cannot avoid the fact that new spammer accounts keep appearing.

    But these spammers cannot get access to the data of other members of our community, except of the data that is shown in the view of the user profiles in our forum.
    We have indeed several security standards for our databases and we don´t know any software, that would be able to get access to phone numbers or mail addresses.

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    I guess that except of advertising their products or services, spammers are also have some benefit in search engine rankings, cuz this site have good reputation and links from this site could boost their pages among other competitors, even if it could be irrelevant..

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