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    Question Looking For Siemens Acramatic 2100 Post Processor For Fusion 360

    Hello All!
    I am looking for a Siemens Acrmatic 2100 post processor for Fusion 360. The generic A2100 post processor requires too many edits to make it of much use. I have an old post processor from another CAM software that works fairly well, however it does not work with F360. I was hoping someone had an A2100 post processor they use that they would be willing to share? Or maybe looking for someone who knows how to make/edit post processors? I have all the programming books, some good programs I currently use, and edited A2100 post processor I found online(for F360, but just isnt correct, but works better then the generic). This control is quite complex from the Meldas M3, Fanuc 6, and Haas controls I use in my shop. But this A2100 control is actually quite nice to work with once I figured it out. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Looking For Siemens Acramatic 2100 Post Processor For Fusion 360

    Can you place the edited post and some good code in a Zip file and upload it here so someone can have a look at it for you.

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