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IndustryArena Forum > Metalworking Machines > Hardinge Lathes > Parameters & custom macros for CHNC II SP
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    Parameters & custom macros for CHNC II SP

    Hi all, apologies for bringing up yet again what seems to be a never ending topic in this forum, Parameters.

    I have just bought a CHNC II SP with Fanuc 10TF control. From a mechanical/electrical/pneumatic viewpoint, all appears to be well.

    However, the machine came with no software backup or a list of parameters that should be set. I have jotted down all the parameters I can find, but it would be nice to compare what the machine currently has vs. what it should have - some parameters may have been played with in the last 35 years! Does anyone have a parameter settings list for this machine please? I have been trying to find one via eBay for some time, but no luck so far.
    Also, it would appear that the built-in custom macros have been deleted at some point in its history (custom macros 9120 - 9150). I guess I could work around their absence, but they would be nice to have. Does anyone have these handy please?

    Thanks ,

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    Re: Parameters & custom macros for CHNC II SP

    I have that machine running now but the parameters are not written down . If you can't find i well help ! also got parts .

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    Re: Parameters & custom macros for CHNC II SP

    Thanks Ed. Much appreciate the offer. If no-one else comes through in the next day or two with an existing list, I'll come back to you. If you need, I can let you have my list as a starting point...
    Cheers, Richard

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