I have a HyPro HT2000 high def Plasma on a water table machine. Using oxy and nitrogen for piercing and oxygen and shop air for cutting. All the settings are dialed in exactly per the spec in cut charts.
Occasionally, a previously cut part will tip up and cause a torch collision, which naturally stops the machine motion. If I try to back up on the cut path right next to where there is clean metal, almost like an edge pierce, most times I can’t get the arc to start unless I use a thin strip of 12-14 sheet metal under the torch to sustain the arc.

Example, today I was cutting 3/8” mild steel with 130A consumables, and had a part tip up and stop the machine. Settings for 3/8, with 130a on pierce delay is 0.3 seconds. When I try to use the strip of metal under the torch head when it comes down to pierce, it will pierce, but since it’s only 14ga, it pierces, then arc can’t sustain itself. Only when I go back into settings and change pierce delay to zero, then sometimes it pierces and can continue cutting. Even that isn’t fool proof. I have a thermal dynamics high def plasma water table machine as well, and really don’t like that brand because of some other unrelated issues. But for whatever reason, it can pierce on a path that has already been cut, with a huge pierce delay if you let it, and arc sustains itself. Is there some tricks or tips that can be used on the Hypertherm system? Love the machine and the power supply, but restarting the cut, as is occasionally needed, is a pain in ass.

Thanks for any advice!

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