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    looking for EZpath software

    Hello i'm looking for EZpath software
    I'm a IT support tech and one of our CNC worker at my company has a very old MS dos machine and I'm looking for EZpath software that I would run in dos box (MS_dos emulator) to help him get off this old computer if anyone can help me find EZpath software online or could sent it to me I believe all I need is the EZPATH.EXE thank you guys

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    Re: looking for EZpath software


    Drisson LLC can help you with software. I changed out some hardware and bought software from them.



    Good Luck,

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    Re: looking for EZpath software

    Is there any chance I could get some help as well, in sydney Australia. I need a complete diagnose of my pc, it heats very quickly and works very very slow. Yet I have bought it several months ago (it is a second hand computer). However, I did not have any issues at the beginning, so I guess it is me who did something wrong with the computer. I tried to go to a it support sydney , but couldn't find anyone to solve this issue. I'd appreciate any insights on this matter. Thank you in advance!

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